Abakus Jamaal Ke

2007 Polish-Egyptian  Arabian

Abakus Jamaal KE- 2007 Polish/Egyptian Arabian
$700 Stud Fee

Standing at Stud this 2020 breeding season. “Manchurian”, as he is known, is located in Hockley Valley Ontario at 3rd Day Endurance Farm and is available for live cover, having produced 14 exceptionally healthy and conformationally correct foals for our farm over the last several years as well as 3 more on the way.


Manchurian is gracefully athletic, has smooth gaits, and is built with excellent conformation that has proven to pass on to his foals; strong feet, straight legs, evenly sloped shoulder and hip, well-muscled with a powerful hind end. His eye catching typical Arabian features exuding nobility and his affectionate personality packed full of energy, intelligence and courage, is a breeding opportunity you don’t want to miss!

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Abakus Jamaal Ke


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