" Hast thou given the horse strength? Hast thou clothed his neck with thunder?"  Job 39:19

The Team

 Holding over 50 years of racing and horse care experience;  Kris first in 14 years of car racing and 30 years of running businesses, spending the last 20 years with horses. Brenda on the other hand having spent a lifetime, 72 years with her precious horses, many of those years spent in veterinary work, and in training at high levels of multiple equestrian disciplines, giving Brenda a lifetime of skills, knowledge, and horse experience to offer. 

We have assembled a team of professional athletes  with skills comprising of horse breaking, training, and endurance racing. We also have a full-time farrier, veterinary assistant and 10 fully committed individuals working full time to bring out the very best that a horse has to offer.