2018 3/4 Arabian Cross Colt


Asher is a strikingly handsome young colt with the brains to match his good looks. Staring intently with a mature gaze he takes on new sights, sounds and smells with confidence and trust.  


He is your typically keen and sensitive Arab, willing to learn, catching on to cues and responding quickly with ease. He has proven to be a very brave, tough, young colt who is self-assured whether out with other horses or on his own. 

Asher is 7/8 Arabian and 1/8 Appaloosa with an expected finishing height between 14.2 to 15hh . He is conformationally correct and strong and he shows off his majestic Arabian features and shiny bay coat with style.

If you are looking for an equine partner that will go the distance then look no further, Asher is the horse for you!

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