The Sport of Endurance

Our experience in the sport of Endurance over the last 30 years, has grown our knowledge and understanding of the intricacies of the equine athlete. Our Foundation of care is laid out with detailed attention to feeding programs, supplementation, specialized farrier work, veterinarian care, as well as proven training and conditioning regimes. We understand that It takes a tough, trained mind for both horse and rider, along with the physical stamina to "Endure" all the challenges the sport has to offer. It is our goal and intent to share both our knowledge and experience with all those who are up for the challenge. 

We offer professional horse training services ranging from horse starting to fine tuning and schooling. If your horse has never been backed, or needs a refresher course, exposure and schooling, or you simply need someone to come along side you and rebuild confidence between you and your partner, we can help.


We offer service to train horses FEI ready for competition, the highest level of the sport of Endurance Racing. We will take your horse at the skill and fitness level they are currently at and condition them for the competition you have in mind. You may be starting from a green broke horse desiring to begin an endurance career or have goals to reach 100 miles at speed and we can get you there. We can train your horse for you, or with you, and in the end, ride alongside you at your endurance event.

Campaigning your horse in the sport of Endurance, whether it be at a limited distance 25-mile ride, or in a 100-mile race, is an excellent way to raise the value and experience of your beloved partner. You may simply be looking for more exposure for your horse, or in the process of selling one, and having one of our experienced riders take your horse "the distance" will enhance your goal significantly.

Training & Campaigning

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