2018 Registered Half Arabian Filly


At 1 year & 4 months old, Solitare currently stands 14.2hh, and is expected to finish up tall like her 3 full siblings did, between 15.3 to 16hh. She is strong and sturdy in build, athletic and flashy. With a confident demeanor and desire to be with people, Solitaire is always one to greet you in the field and stand for affection.

Bred, born and raised on 3rd Day Endurance farm, Solitare has been handled by us from day one. She leads, stands well for the Farrier and is a trusting young filly. Her brothers and sister were all a delight to work with through their training process, as they share in her easy, kind and willing temperament.

So much potential including great height, correct confirmation, beautiful personality, Solitaire could go in many directions and make an exceptional equine partner!

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